Okay, I’m THAT girl. I am obsessed with planners and I am proud of it. If you are also THAT girl, you’ve come to the right place! Even if your not THAT girl but you just want to be a little more organized and intentional, you are in the right place because today I am doing an Ultimate 2020 Planner Review.

So sit back and grab your favorite fall inspired drink. It’s a behemoth but by the time I am done you’ll have all the info you need to effortlessly pick out the best 2020 planner to fit your life.

Quick side-note: I’ve had gadgets and gizmos a plenty (aka countless iPhone apps) that I’ve tried to use to keep my to-do’s and goals organized, but I always come back to paper.

For me, so much more gets accomplished when I am physically writing it down and it’s in my face. I can feel the stress melt away as I cross things off my list. Call me old school, but I get to use fancy pens, stickers and washi tape- so paper is the obvious choice. This planner review is on paper planners only.

Now onto the Ultimate 2020 Planner Review.

So how is this going to work? Well I’ve developed a complex algorithm to review each planner that includes 1. Overall cuteness 2. Organization 3. Usability 4. Customization  5. Extras and 6. Price. Just kidding, I hate math. But I’ve included gobs of photos and highlighted some of the best features! I hope you find one you love!

Stay tuned until the end and I will reveal which planner I’ve picked for 2020.

Note: There are NO affiliate links here- this review is completely unbiased. I’m just sharing details from my annual search for the best planner out there in hopes it will help you!

Before, we dive in and for those of you who may want to just skip ahead to a particular planner here’s a quick list with links to each:

  1. Plum Paper Planner
  2. Inkwell Press Planner
  3. Full Focus Planner
  4. Erin Condren Planner
  5. The Happy Planner
  6. The Desire Map Planner
  7. Spaces Planner
  8. Get to Work Book
  9. Rifle Paper Planner
  10. Commit30 Planner
  11. 1 Canoe 2 Planner
  12. Sol Planner
  13. The Simplified Planner
  14. The Productivity Planner
  15. PowerSheets Goal Planner
  16. Best Self Planner
  17. Day Designer Planner
  18. Passion Planner
  19. Ban.do Planner
  20. Seedlings Planner


That’s right. Of course there are 20 planners in my 2020 planner review. I hope you enjoy!

Plum Paper Planner

plum paper planner

If you are looking for a super customizable planner with lots of add-ons and options the Plum Paper Planner might just be for you. Not only can you get the planner in a number of different sizes, there are tons of cover options and you can even begin your planner in any month of the year. I really love the option of adding a blog planning section and gratitude journal.

Plum Paper Planner Review (1)

Fave Feature: All the add-ons and accessories

Price: Starting at $29

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: Yes and yes (personalized cover and page options)

Extras: Tons! (Including an awesome sticker subscription)

Cons: Possibly too many options to choose from – hard to pick from them all

Inkwell Press Planner

Inkwell Press Planner Review

First off, I love that the Inkwell Press Planner offers a quiz to help you find your planner style. It also offers very professional looking (vegan) leather covers so you could use it for work but still have enough color and whimsy on the inside to make it fun. It is a DISC assembly which makes it easy to add or removed pages, but in my experience the DISCs can make it awkward to hold and can come apart if your not careful.

Inkwell Press Planner Fave Feature:The Planner Quiz

Price: Starting at $29

Binding: DISC

Customization: You can choose cover and page options, but it’s not personalized

Extras: A good amount

Cons: Cost can add up when building your planner ($29 starting is very basic)


Full Focus Planner

Full Focus Planner Review

The Full Focus Planner was designed by New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, and his daughter, Megan Hyatt Miller. If you are part of any business, productivity or boss mom FB group you’ve probably hear of this planner- and for good reason. It has a simple three-step system designed to help you reach your goals with clarity and focus. It links up your big annual goals to your daily action so you’re always making progress.

Full Focus Planner Review

Fave Feature: Emphasis on achieving goals

Price: Starting at $39 (Plus an option for an annual subscription – each planner only last 90 days)

Binding: Lay-flat

Customization: None really, but there are 3 different versions to choose from

Extras: Limited

Cons: Color options are limited


Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanner Review

What planner review would this be if I din’t include Erin Condren?! EC planners have a cult following. They are pretty, you get tons of customization options (cover name, colors, quotes and photos) and they offers lots of cute extras and accessories. They’ve been know for being super bright and colorful, however they recently launched the Focused Collection which is professional and stunning (pictured above)!

Erin Condren LifePlanner Review

Fave Feature: All the customization (Interchangeable covers for the indecisive – like me)

Price: Starting at $44

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: Basically everything, layout, cover, personalization

Extras: Lots!

Cons: It can be a little bulky


The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner makes me happy! I used a Happy Planner last year and loved the overall design! The tabbed divider pages coordinated so perfectly, each month was a new design surprise with a beautiful quote or image! Heck, after I was done with the planner I saved these pages to frame or reuse one day when I am feeling extra crafty.

The Happy Planner Review

Fave Feature: Design and fun add-ons. Also, I love that you check them out first and buy them in stores. Michael’s run anyone?

Price: Starting at $27.99

Binding: DISC

Customization: Lots of cover options, no personalization

Extras: Ample- stickers, expansion packs, folders, stamps and more

Cons: The DISC binding- personal preference but I just don’t love it.  Also, would have liked more room for notes/lists

Desire Map Planner

Desire Map Planner Review

Heart, abundance, gratitude…this planner is all about it. Created by Danielle LaPorte this planner will help you clear your mind and give you all the feels. Designed for conscious living it is filled with affirmations and even an astrology guide.

Desire Map Planner Review

Fave Feature: When you buy the planner you get (limited) access to The Desire Map Course. Also, love the focus on gratitude

Price: $50

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: I hope you like pink or purple

Extras: There is an iPad addition you can purchase

Cons: Limited choices of colors/design


Spaces Planner

Spaces Planner

The Spaces Planners are beautifully designed and I love how they have “spaces” for different areas of your life like relationships, health, errands and even housework! You can plan by week, day, or topic.

Spaces Planner Review

Fave Feature: Lots of room for writing, plus built in pocket for loose papers

Price: $49.00

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: Three different styles to choose from, no personalization

Extras: Not really, she has digital art prints for download though

Cons: Limited choices of colors/design


Get To Work Book

Get to Work Book Review

No floral or frills, but the Get to Work Book Planner makes up for it in simplicity and function. Cutting out the distractions, this planner helps you focus on daily tasks, projects and goal setting. It’s sturdy, sleek and even throws in some beautiful motivational quotes.

Get to Work Book

Fave Feature: I love the simplicity and typography, also the project breakdown pages are great

Price: $55.00

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: Ugh- no, just two cover options

Extras: A few…

Cons: Limited choices of colors/design


Rifle Paper Planners

Rifle Paper Planner Review

Rifle Paper is my go to resources for beautiful (strike that, gorgeous) stationary, and their planners are no exception. Inside, you’ll find pages with monthly and weekly views, inspirational quotes, a pocket folder with a ruler, and sticker sheets for galore.

Rifle Paper Planner Review

Fave Feature: The sheer beauty and affordable price

Price: $34.00

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: You can choose from only few options, but they are all so gorgeous so who cares?!

Extras: Lots of coordinating stickers, notebooks and washi tape

Cons: I can’t think of many, maybe more room to write notes and lists

Commit30 Planner

The Commit30 Planner is all about goals. It gives you a yearly vision section, monthly and weekly planning pages and 30 day challenges.


Fave Feature: Vision mapping and 30 day goal/habit tracker built in

Price: $29.99

Binding: Lay flat

Customization: Different colors/sizes are available but all the same pattern

Extras: Have various lifestyle inserts (workout, shopping, etc.) as well as stickers available

Cons:  The colors and design are a bit basic in my opinion

1 Canoe 2 Planner

1 canoe 2 planner review

1 Canoe 2 is an illustration and letterpress company and their passion for the craft shines through in their planners! They are stunning! There are monthly and daily pages with plenty of room for notes, goals section, plus folder pockets, tab dividers and beautiful typography.

1 canoe 2 planner review

Fave Feature: Can I say everything?

Price: $36

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: 3 gorgeous cover options, no personalization

Extras: Lots of complementary stationary is available

Cons:  Hard to think of any, but I do wish it came with stickers.

Sol Planner

Sol Planner Review

I’ve heard a lot about Sol Planner and that’s probably because it has sooo much in it: weekly and monthly pages, brain dump page, meal planning, books to read, bill tracker, reflection questions, even a hand lettering guide. This planner has it all.

Sol Planner Review

Fave Feature: The fact that it includes so much, I probably wouldn’t need a extra notebook

Price: $60

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: 2 cover options, no personalization

Extras: Yes, stickers, pens, bookmarks

Cons: It’s a bit more expensive than the rest

The Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner Review

Navy, gold, floral and stripes- sign me up! The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is as cute as it is functional. It’s minimal yet meaningful. There is tons of blank space for notes and to-do lists, plus simplicity tips scattered throughout. Oh and they also have a Planner Personality Quiz on the site. Doesn’t it fit in perfectly to this 2020 planner review?

The Simplified Planner Review

Fave Feature: With each planner purchase you get a monthly email and video coaching from Emily

Price: $48

Binding: Spiral or Book Bound

Customization: 6 cover options, daily or weekly editions, no personalization

Extras: Yes- There are a bunch of cute pens, tape, bands, paper clips and stickers available

Cons: Head scratcher here- this is a really great planner

The Productivity Planner 

The Productivity Planner Review

This one is aimed at beating procrastination, The Productivity Planner helps you priorities your tasks using the Pomodoro Technique (had to google that- it’s a time management technique). What caught my attention really was that my girl (fave author) Vanessa Van Edwards is endorsing it- so you know it’s got to be good!

The Productivity Planner Review

Fave Feature: It’s focused. By limiting the number of task you can put in you are more likely to get those tasks done

Price: $24.95

Binding: Lay flat

Customization: What you see is what you get

Extras: They have an accompanying journal

Cons: It’s a bit small and lacking color (but I think that is the point)

PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner

PowerSheets Planner Review

The PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner is what the name implies, focused on helping you intentionally define and go after your goals. It has great reviews, a proven goal setting process and even in-person conference to go along with it.

PowerSheets Planner Review

Fave Feature: I love setting goals, so the fact that this is the focus of the planner is a huge bonus

Price: $60

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: 4 cover options

Extras: Tons of bonuses come with it including monthly coaching, and of course there are tons of accessories you can get

Cons: A bit more expensive that the others

Best Self Planner

Best Self Planner Review

I have always loved the Best Self Project Pad and they just released a planner so I’m interested. This planner claims to help you organize every area of your life all in one place- it includes a benchmark tool that helps you stay accountable for your success. Other features include a habit tracker, weekly time blocking and a 6 month bucket list.

Best Self Planner Review

Fave Feature: Good balance between planner and journal

Price: $19.99 (6 month edition only)

Binding: Lay Flat

Customization: Nope

Extras: No but there are the project pads and journals you could add on

Cons: I wish it was a 12 month planner and was dated


Day Designer Planner

Day Designer Review

The Day Designer is a classic, of course I had to include it in my 2020 Planner Review! Really it has everything, a beautiful design, lots of options, folders, tabs, ruler, stickers and space for notes.

Day Designer Review

Fave Feature: How beautifully designed it is and the reinforced gold corners help keep it looking nice

Price: $59

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: Choose from the daily or weekly planner, 2 size options and lots of cover designs

Extras: They offer coordinating pens, tape, folders- everything to tie it all together

Cons: It’s on the higher end of the price scale and the larger version can be bulky

Passion Planner

Passion Planner Review

The Passion Planner gives you your calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log and a to-do list all in one, plus it is very reasonably priced. People rave about it all over the internet too so naturally I’ve included it in this 2020 planner review!

Passion Planner Review

Fave Feature: It gives you a roadmap on exactly how to use the planner, plus the have an awesome charitable program

Price: $30

Binding: Lay flat

Customization: 3 sizes, simple but beautiful color options, no personalization

Extras: Nothing to speak of

Cons: Line spacing in the weekly pages seem really small, also no tabs

Ban.do Planner

bando planner review

If you are looking for a fun and funky planner ban.do might just be for you! It gives you all the fundamentals you’ve come to expect, with some unexpected touches such as a 3D page complete with 3D glasses. The art work and crazy cool stickers  and coloring page complete the package.

ban.do planner review

Fave Feature: Um, you heard me say 3D page, right?

Price: $28

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: 2 sizes, 4 cover styles, including a glitter one

Extras: They sell a ton of fun accessories to match

Cons: Maybe more stickers, JK there are a ton, including one that sorta looks like Lizzo

Seedlings Planner

Seedlings Planner Review

Have your paper planner and plant it too. This planner is crafted out of biodegradable eco-paper that’s been embedded with wildflower seeds that you can plant after filling out your schedule. This is a 17 month calendar that also includes super cute stickers and a removable bookmark.

Seedlings Planner Review

Fave Feature: The field of flowers my crossed off to-do list will create

Price: $24

Binding: Spiral Bound

Customization: None

Extras: None, but they make coasters and cards too

Cons: It’s a one-off planner, would like to see an entire collection of planners like this

Okay…. Drum Roll!

There you have it… 20 great planners to pick from to crush 2020! This 2020 planner review was a blast to do but also extra stressful. How do I choose? There are so many great options! After weighing all the options and thinking about how I work best I narrowed it down to the Plum Paper Planner, Rifle Paper Planner, 1 Canoe 2 Planner and the Day Designer

and the winner is:  1 Canoe 2 Planner

1 canoe 2 planner review

I am sure they are all great but I just loved the ambrose floral design, the typography, the quotes, the space for notes, the pocket folder, and the elastic closure. This planner was crafted with care. I doesn’t come with stickers and you know I gotta pimp my planner out so I will likely be ordering some of these. I’ll be sure to provide an update once I start using the planner!

Now tell me what is your favorite planner? Share with me on Instagram and if you’re bored, I mean, just for funsies, would you maybe share this post with someone you love who needs a planner?!