Stay at home. Shelter in place. Quarantine. Lockdown.

These are unprecedented times and I truly hope you are healthy and safe, and not completely losing your mind right now. Even if you are, that’s okay. We are all going through this together. I know I’ve gone through a million different emotions these last few weeks. From frustration, to disappointment, to helplessness to sadness and just plain feeling stuck.

I’ve been having to fight like hell to stay sane and avoid freaking out during this time.

Right now, like you, I’m having to look at things a little differently.

There is no business as usual.

But one thing I know for sure is that the best antidote for fear or anxiety or most any other negative emotion is simply taking action. With that in mind I have been focused on thinking of ways in which we can serve others, actions that can be taken right now to bring more light and hope into the world.

So, I have created a list of ideas and ways to serve clients in these uncertain times. Right now, from the comfort of your own home. My hope is that they inspire you, help add value and build trust.

Here we go. Here are five ways serve clients in these uncertain times.

Check In

Even if you have no updates to share and even if you are afraid to check in because you don’t have the answers, check in anyway. I promise you this will go a long way. First, it shows that you care and value the relationship. Second, I feel like most people are longing for connection more than ever during this time of isolation. A friendly phone call can truly brighten their day. Regardless of an agenda, if you just call to say hi and see how they are doing and share honestly about what your experiencing it will strengthen the bond between you both.

This time will pass, and you will either be remembered for being there and being present, or you will be forgotten because you were silent. Life goes on, business will too. Show up for your clients now.


So often we are so busy producing and serving our clients that some of the less critical (yet important) aspects of our business get put on autopilot or even put on the back-burner. Now that you have more time to refocus now is a great time to upgrade those areas.

Maybe it is time to refresh your branding to create an even more engaging client experience.  Have you been meaning to redo your website? Spend this time to upgrade your social media profiles, marketing brochures, emails, copy. All the things.

Think of the things that might not be “time-sensitive” on a day to day basis but could kick your business into hyper-speed once this mess is over. There are so many valuable places your time can go to prepare you for when things get busy again. And they WILL get busy again.


When is the last time you cleaned up your CRM system or email database? Now is a great time to audit and review each client and make sure all your info is up to date. Are you missing any information? Add birthdays, anniversaries, and other detailed info that will help you to personalize and wow your clients later.

Take a second look at your systems and workflows. Are the working for you? Are they really serving clients in the best way possible? What do your clients really need? Take the time to understand and audit all aspects of how you are serving clients.


Award winning restaurants are now drive-thru joints. The finest liquor and spirit bottling companies are now producing hand sanitizer, and the cool kids clothing retailers are now pushing out face masks.

There are countless examples of people pivoting their business to serve their clients and the world better.

What other products or services you can offer your clients right now, paid or unpaid?  They are there, you just have to look closely.

As an example, my hairdresser is offering virtual consultations and personalized curated corona hair survival kits, sign me up!

Get creative. Pivot a little. Find unique ways to serve clients in uncertain times.


The best way to increase your value in this downtime is by improving and there is no better time for professional development than right now. Whether it is a book or a podcast or a paid course there is so much available right now to help you learn and grow all while wearing your favorite pjs.

What is something you want to learn about that could bring tons of value to your clients? Use this time to sharpen your skills. Set aside 30 minutes a day to learn something new. Your future self will thank you for it. Here are a few resources to get you started.

There you have it, five ways serve clients in uncertain times. To summarize, screw Corona. It may be a pandemic but it is also an opportunity to be productive. I hope these ideas inspire you. Know that I’m thinking about you!